Information therapy is the prescription of the right information, to the right person, at the right time to help make a better health decision. Information therapy will both revolutionize the role of information in health care and enable the mainstream adoption of the long-promised shift to patient-centered care.

The right information: evidence-based, approved by experts, up to date, and referenced
The right person: the patient or caregivers who will share in the decision or behavior change
The right time: just in time to help make a better medical decision or to improve a health behavior

Information therapy can be clinician-prescribed, system-prescribed, or consumer-prescribed. Each approach brings unique benefits to consumers and to the health organizations that serve them. Information prescribed by licensed professionals will inevitably be recognized and paid for within government and health plan reimbursement formulas. Health care organizations that systematically implement information therapy applications will gain market share, profitability, and prestige over those that do not.

Information therapy responds directly to the four main drivers of change in health care today:

  • the new consumer (demanding information, control, and service)
  • the new science (of evidence-based medicine)
  • the new technology (the Internet connecting anyone, anywhere to top-quality information 24x7)
  • the new focus on quality (the reduction of medical mistakes and comparative performance measurement)

These drivers create a compelling case for information therapy—a new approach to health care that is centered around an expanded patient role. Without information therapy, that role and that future have little chance of success.

A clear vision for the future of health care emerges:

  • Every clinic visit will be preceded or followed by information therapy prescriptions.
  • Every medical test and surgery will be preceded and followed by information therapy prescriptions.
  • Every hospitalization will engage patient and family support through information therapy prescriptions.
  • Information prescriptions sent between in-person visits will extend the continuity of care.

Information therapy is the foundation for a new, patient-centered approach to health care. The Center for Information Therapy will strengthen that foundation and will continue building the structure to support long-term, health care system success.